Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Maldives don't over look anything

A little lesson for us to not overlook anything, ever. 

In our search for waves over the years we've surfed some areas heavily for a few years and then kind of moved on from that area as the crowds increased. This wave below was surfed a few times then had been left alone by us. By chance we were passing through the area again and thought it'd be worth a paddle out. It was a very small swell but this reef was picking up every bit that the ocean had to offer. It is not a coincidence that we've surfed it a couple of times since under the same conditions. It's moments like these that make me flick back through my mind through certain reefs and wonder again, maybe there is another one that we overlooked a little and should double check some things. In saying this it is definitely only a wave for very experienced surfers as it is very shallow and fast, but if that's what your after let's go.