Thursday, 26 July 2012


So the currents have been pretty bad first thing in the morning for the last few days and today was no exception. It looked a lot smaller than yesterday so we waited patiently for a good couple of hours before a few of us decided to head out. With the help of a changing tide, the current had abated and the waves started to pulse. What followed was a super fun session, all our crew out and frothing on our good fortune for such a sick day and the waves turning on for us. It`s a busy afternoon over here on the Nautilus so here`s a sneak peek of today`s happenings with more to follow tomorrow:

While we waited for the currents to stop, we had a visit from these lovely ladies... 

and watched boat-parking chaos 

then put our mate, Benny, who`s normally in front of the camera as an Analog team rider, behind the lens for this session and here is what he came up with.

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