Monday, 9 July 2012

Rough Weather and Pesky Dolphins

The last two days have been rough, when I say rough I mean 35 Knots +. Board shorts, T shirts, books and anything else not tied down ended up in the drink. Had a few Dolphins cruise past the boat today and I instantly thought of one of our past guests, Captain OZ. Now Oz is a bit of a legend around here, if he's not getting barrelled he's parked up at the bar getting blind. During one trip on the Nautilus he bet another guest he could acid drop off the front of the Nautilus onto the back of a unsuspecting mammal and ride off into the sunset. Bets were taken, rules were established, this would be a bare back affair only. So oz drops, Dolphin swerves and oz is left to swim back to the boat defeated. Oh well you don't know unless you try, Bhim more beer.

Not the man in question...

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